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42 funky ways to say YES to/in English

Why 42, you may ask? Well, according to Douglas Adams' The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - this is the answer to THE question. What is the question (?) – that's another question.

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Common mistakes: Me, Myself & I

Моя милост, себе си и мен – всеки език има по една всеизвестна триада от шизофренични местоимения или изрази, с която обяснява комплексността на Аза.

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Mastering the Homophones - Meat vs. Meet

Hello! We meet again discussing these bizarre little word couples – the homophones. They sound the same but have different spelling, which makes our lives even more complicated. But heads up!

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How to Sound Exquisite

We use English every day – to read articles, to chat with friends, to watch movies, to work and what not. But HOW do we use the language?

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Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

Idioms can be a real brain teaser. Like this one -  best thing since sliced bread*.

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