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Why 42, you may ask? Well, according to Douglas Adams' The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - this is the answer to THE question. What is the question (?) – that's another question. And we sure think that YES should be the answer to all your questions and doubts on whether you can progress, learn and develop.

And why would you need alternative ways to say the simplest word – the one that everyone knows? Because you don't want to be a word bore, do you? Find out how to be fun, funky and fabulous in at least 42 ways. Or maybe you can name more? We challenge you!

Do you love English?
1. Totally.
2. Of course.
3. Thumbs up!
4. Like.. Duuh.
5. Aye!
6. Hell yeah.

Do you want to improve your English?
7. I'm up for it.
8. You lead, I follow.
9. My thoughts exactly.
10. OK.
11. Always.
12. Lovely.

Do you want to be an English Master?
13. Naturally.
14. I do.
15. By all means.
16. I’d love that!
17. I was born for it.
18. Positively.

Do you need an English course?
19. Let's do it.
20. I'm in.
21. Why not.
22. Absolutely.
23. Good idea.
24. What are we waiting for?

Can you think of more ways to say YES to/in English?
25. Sure.
26. Affirmative.
27. Undoubtedly.
28. Fo sho! (coming from 'for sure')
29. Yeah.
30. No problem!

You can do it!
31. Roger.
32. Righto.
33. Amen.
34. You bet.
35. Beautiful!
36. Very well.

Mastering your skills is in your hands.
37. Yup.
38. Are We There Yet?
39. Copy that.
40. Agreed.
41. Mkay
42. 10-4*

Say YES like a Pro!

* That's a bizarre one. 10-4 is part of the ‘ten-code’, the code of signals originally used in police radio communication in the US and later adopted by Citizens’ Band radio operators. It really doubles “roger that”.