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Hello! We meet again discussing these bizarre little word couples – the homophones. They sound the same but have different spelling, which makes our lives even more complicated. But heads up! We already know how to deal with them – we only need the power of associations.

The associations are connections between two or more concepts in the mind or imagination. This makes them very special and personal, as a logical association for someone can be completely meaningless to another. Yet, we meet them every day. And mentioning 'meet'...

Meet has one of the most confusing homophones – meat. How can we tell them apart?

Meet means to encounter someone. Someone you like. Someone like you. Someone as similar to you as two Es. Remember it like this – MEET has two same syllables, which are on a meeting in the middle of the word.

On the other hand, mEAT is something you eat. Well, that was an easy one!
You can kill two birds with one stone (not literally, please, we love birds!) - steak is another word that you may confuse, but it also has EA in it – just as mEAt and Eat. Or if you like steamed food – think of steam steak meat.

So whenever you need to think about the spelling of one of those two – think in objects and it will be fine. And instead of writing some silly story about two stakes and a sausage that meet and one of them introduces the others “Meat, meet Meat”, we offer you a neat little meaty image, that can make more sense to you.

No matter if you are a meat person or a vegetarian – spelling is the same for everyone. To restore the balance next time we will focus on something less fleshy.