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My name is Radoslav and I am 14 years old. With languages, especially English, I feel in my element. I have been studying this beautiful tongue in Britanica since I could hardly write or read in my native one. I was second grade when I first entered the classroom in Britanica Geo Milev and ever since I have not accepted these lessons as an obligation, but more of a pleasure.

  Not only does studying at Britanica help us learn English vocabulary and grammar, but also to improve crucial skills and build us as thinking personalities. Additionally, in class I have developed various types of intelligences while reading texts and books, doing exercises, learning vocabulary and even communicating to each other during the break.

   One of the most essential skills I have improved in Britanica is the linguistic intelligence or the ability to think in words and to use language to express and appreciate complex meanings. Through my years here I have learned thousands of words which has actually been quite easy since the teachers use innovative and interesting ways of asking us for the new vocabulary.

   Frankly, at Britanica I have very well developed my naturalistic intelligence as well. From a very young age, I have been keen on nature and have been trying to convince the others that we must protect it. Moreover, I love animals and therefore have really enjoyed the class discussions and writing projects about the environment. There have been numerous Britanica activities connected to nature, too. For instance, last year we made bird houses and put them at the park nearby.

   My logical-mathematical thinking was very well improved throughout my past years in class. For example, the weekend clubs a few years ago. Occasionally, we had to follow a map and solve various riddles to find the next clue in the way of finding some kind of a treasure. Furthermore, the books we read are another way of developing this kind of skills. Last year it was a crime story and it was quite interesting trying to guess who the killer had been. The logical intelligence is really essential for our everyday life and I am delighted for the help I got from Britanica to develop it.

   The human capacity of considering things in three dimensions is called spatial or visual intelligence and more precisely, having a dynamic imagination, mental imagery, artistic and graphic skills, and spatial reasoning. I believe that at Britanica it is very easy to advance in this type of abilities. In particular, during my first years the teacher used to show us special cards with pictures of the words which helped us to easily memorise the new vocabulary.

   Through my years in Britanica I have experienced many challenges. I have already overcome a few of them, but with some I am still struggling. The biggest obstacle I have ever encountered is team work. For me, it is pretty hard when it comes to group tasks since if one of the others is slowlier or cannot understand something, even if it has been explained several times, it drives me round the bend. I have always been perfectionist and have wanted to do everything the best way I can; consequently, I find it difficult to accept failure.
Last but not least, one of my future goals is to be more patient and to develop my skills of working with others because it is really essential both for school now and for jobs later.

   In class I have learned a lot not only regarding the language itself, but the human values as well. There were various Britanica projects that have helped me in this area of skills. For instance, the End of the Year Show last year. It was called ‘’The Games of Integrity’’. Each Britanica level represented a different value such as empathy, leadership, unity, loyalty, etc. In my view, I have learned a lot from this incredible experience since I helped with the writing of the script. As it was said in our show: ’’Integrity is choosing your thoughts and actions based on values rather than personal gain.’’

   In addition, this year I am delighted for the new project I have started with Britanica. It is an Eco club! Once a month we discuss different topics connected with nature and how to preserve it including: deforestation, water pollution and their consequences. At Christmas time, we were gathering money and food to donate to a dog shelter. Frankly, I am so grateful for all the support I have received from my teachers (who actually became my friends). Without them, nothing would have been the same. Next year I hope to continue with this activity because its topics have vital meaning for each of us. In other words, the planet Earth is what we all have in common and we ought to do our best to preserve it.

   By and large, a learning champion spends every second into studying whether it is the grammar and vocabulary at class or values and principles through everyday life. He or she is unafraid of failure because failing is inevitable, but the thing that really matters, is to rise on your feet once again and continue trying. And one day when turns back, he or she will be on the top of the mountain.