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A Learning Champion – what does it actually mean? At first, this combination of words sounds really sophisticated but in fact its meaning is so much simple. By nature, people are curious and that is why we want to know as much as we can. A proven fact is that with facing difficulties, we learn at least one useful thing every day which makes each of us a small Learning Champion. Even though, there are lots of other factors that shape the actual Learning Champion. The hours spent in Britanica’s classroom did not only help me study English, but at the same time Britanica showed me the way of becoming a real Learning Champion.

First of all, what makes a real Learning Champion are his intelligences and by learning English at Britanica I have developed most of them. Presumably, if I order them in where I have the greatest development, first comes the logical-mathematical - at Britanica I set up my critical thinking and with finding the logic it became easier for me to learn new things. On the second place I’d put the linguistic intelligence. Before studying at Britanica, I thought that the languages are something extremely difficult but now I find them quite easy. The habits I have formed at Britanica help me to study other languages now. To the third position I place the interpersonal intelligence. Team working – that’s one of the main things I learned at Britanica. In principle, I prefer doing everything alone but in the classroom I learned how to be a part of a team and how to accept the other’s positions – a skill that will probably be useful in my future job. On the last fourth place, I put the intrapersonal intelligence or the ability to understand myself. The teachers in Britanica often make us analyse ourselves and see where our strengths and our difficulties are. I have always thought that this is needless but now I see its advantages – with realizing my difficulties I find a way to make them a part of my strengths.

Surely everyone, before becoming an actual champion, has faced a lot of challenges. In fact, without overcoming challenges we cannot become real champions – they are the thing that satisfies us when we reach the top. As every normal person I also had and still have challenges. A challenge I got over at Britanica’s classroom was to talk with people. In the beginning I was as shy as not to say ’Hello’ to anyone and to blush when someone said a word to me. The reason for that shyness was that at school I was the girl who knew everything and the girl who was not allowed to make mistakes – I did not want the same to happen at Britanica. And in fact it did not. With the time I became more confident because in Britanica’s classroom it was different – we all were friends and when someone has made a mistake we did not laugh at him but supported him. Another challenge I went over at Britanica was not to have fear to give my opinion. At first, I was afraid to say what my thoughts were as they could be wrong.  After a while I understood that there was not a right and a wrong opinion – it was just my own point of view and there was no need to worry.

On the way of becoming a Learning Champion Britanica also taught me some values with its projects. My favourite Britanica’s initiative is the Christmas bazaar. Every year it supports a different cause such as the town library, an orphanage or a nursing home. The thing I like the most is that I can help with something I enjoy doing – make a card or cookies – or donate a book I have already read. That project made me more kind-hearted and thought me empathy because before that I have never donated anything. Especially at Christmas I feel better when I know that I have delighted someone else. Another project that influenced me was called ‘How green?’. It taught me that we should be responsible for the planet we live on and also to show the others how to keep the Earth cleaned.

A Learning Champion should also be creative. What I thought was that I cannot remember a project at Britanica connected with history. I believe that the British history is quite interesting and we can learn a lot from it. A project I would be happy to start with Britanica is something like a club where every time we will talk about a different epoch, we will discuss some important decisions that were made then and, for example, what was going to happen if those decisions were not taken. In my opinion such a project would be interesting for a big group of people and except enriching our general knowledge, we will practice our debate skills, build a respect for the past and be more responsible for the future.

To conclude, at Britanica I learned that what makes a real Learning Champion is not only his intelligence. The Learning Champion is much more – a total of everything he has achieved difficultly, a total of everything he has learned from his mistakes and a total of all the values he has learned. And the most important - the real Learning Champion does not stop when he reaches the top but continues learning.