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Studying is the main responsibility that I have at this age. As a student in Britanica, I have learned a lot from the teachers and the projects I have participated in. But these are just part of the things that have helped me to improve myself and especially my intelligences. In this essay, I would like to show what a learning champion makes in order to be successful.

First of all – languages are my passion. That is why linguistic intelligence is part of my strengths. I have always been interested in learning many and different languages, so I am always motivated to become more knowledge in this sphere. Speaking and writing are the components that I usually have best results on in Britanica. I use complex grammar structures and work hard to have progress in listening and reading. My main goal is to speak English on a high level, which is the reason for me to keep learning less common lexis, which I can later use in my speech. Number two in my list of intelligences is the musical one – I have played the piano and now I sing in a choir. Although I am not that good at listening, I can appraise what the situation is going to be and what the people in the conversation are going to talk about, based on the sounds in the beginning of the track. Thanks to this tricks that I use in listening exercises I have improved my musical intelligence. Another strength that I have is the bodily-kinesthetic one. Ballet and dance sport definitely have played a big role, but the activities in Britanica also take part in improving my physical abilities. It happens often to play games, which include acting or using our body, so that our classmates guess what we are trying to say. All these games, where no words are allowed, have helped my motions and facial expressions to become better. Last but not least is my interpersonal intelligence. I am a very social person and I get on well with different types of people, that is why making new friendships in Britanica is a pleasure for me. Talking to my classmates, exchanging experience and even having an argument always shows me various sides of a problem and another point of view – in fact, I always have something new to learn from them.

When it comes to challenges, it is the reading and listening that are the biggest problem for me. Although I understand what is written or what is said, I still cannot reach the dream level on these components. The main reason for not being that successful at listening and reading is because I get easily distracted. But after enough time I have spent in Britanica, I have gone through many and different working conditions. Gradually, I have gained the ability to be concentrated no matter what happens. I read my text and listen to the track carefully, I underline the key words, which always help me. After all this time I have got used to not getting distracted by anyone or anything and it had shown result – my achievements at listening and reading had become better.

As I mentioned, I have learned a lot as a student of Britanica. Not only participating in projects teaches us a lot, but also being a part of a group and work together. Although we do not notice it most of the cases, in the course of time we become a team. We motivate each other and always do our best to reach out goals, which is a lesson that I have received while I was part of the team. Helping, sharing, creating moments and all the team work we have done together have taught me values such as empathy, kindness, responsibility and showing respect to my classmates, who had turned into my closest friends.

Thinking of the future, there are some ideas that I have come up with. It would be a great idea to organize debates for those who love discussing and arguing on different topics. As a second suggestion I would give the English drama course – there are a lot of people who were born to be on stage, so this is the perfect chance for them to show their talent in English. My last idea would be harder to realize than the previous two. However, I am going to share it. It would be cool if we visit other Britanica courses and see how do they pursue, what projects do they have and how well do they work in a group.

In conclusion, being a learning champion is not easy. It costs a lot of effort, hard work and perseverance. Starting from the intelligences, continuing with the challenges, which he overcomes and all the projects that he takes part in, the creative ideas for the future and the motivation for self-improvement are the main characteristics that a student needs in order to call himself a learning champion.